Thursday, March 3, 2011

UC Davis Runway Designers Club this Saturday March 5 10-4

Indie Davis is super duper excited to have the UC Davis Runway Designers Club selling their bags this Saturday. These ladies are doing amazing work. The Club makes original vinyl and fabric bags during their ongoing workshops on campus. When you purchase these bags, you are helping them raise money for their two up and coming fashion shows (April 16th and May 1st).
Each one is different so come on by and pick you favorite one.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sasha Waniewski Bean Accessories

Sasha Waniewski's Bean Jewelery & Other Accessories will be here at Indie Davis Saturday March 5 10-4.

Sasha says, "The bulk of my pieces are made of chick peas. I stain the beans by soaking them in various natural liquids such as coffee, wine and beet juice. I then drill holes and dry them. I have long been mesmerised by the diversity and simple beauty of the beans, using them to make an original piece of jewelery."

Come and see how cool they are for yourself.

P.S. Her bean belts are incredible.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photos From Our December 11, 2010 Event

She's a happy Indie Davis shopper.

Honey Head Jewelry

A sweet little crafter.

Christine McCrory Knitted Goods

Blue Bicicletta

Libby with The Davis Dirt Newspaper

Two Shoes Studio Paintings By Lauren Brandy

Lauren Brandy

Renewable Jewels

Jami Mark

Brigitte Mayer of BrigittesHaus

BrigittesHaus Print

Freights Handbags and More

Milk and Thistle Designs

Carrie Ziser

A Happy Hat Guy by Christine McCrory

Beatrix Dynamite Knitware

Girlfriends of Indie Davis