Friday, June 4, 2010

Blue Bicicletta

Custom Illustration

Nicole Docimo of Blue Bicicletta will be pedaling in for this Saturday's Indie Davis 11-4. You will be able to see her original art work, along with her prints, buttons, cards and bags. Read more here about Blue Bicicletta and the wonders of simplicity.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Isla Corbett Felt Clips and Accesories

Felt Hair Clips $11 each

Isla Corbett will be featuring her lovely felt items this Saturday June 5th 11-4 at Indie Davis. Her hair clips, clutch purses and now her flower felting kit it will make it hard for you to choose. Isla's classic clips are enjoyed by the young and old. Isla was at our last Indie Davis. We are excited and happy to have her back.

Bis0ux Eclectic Knitted Goods

Hand Knitted Hair Clip Bows $12 each

Hand Knitted Necklaces and Ties $26 each

Our very own, Courtney will be back at Indie Davis selling her knitted bows, necklaces and ties. Her hair bows are so popular they seem to just fly away. You can read more about Bis0ux here. We can't wait to see what else her clever little brain has come up with.

Rebecca Detrick Designs/Rock Knit Momme

Two-Tiered Tutu PDF $3 or Custom Handknitted $40.00

Toddler Bucket Hat $20.00

Rebecca Detrick's Designs are precious wares that accentuate any little girl's cuteness and imagination. Her hand knitted tutus are perfect for the little ballerina or princess in your life. What little girl doesn't love wearing one? She can custom knit one if you like or just grab one while at Indie Davis. They come in sizes 6 months to 4 years.
Her crocheted bucket style hats are very cute and fun. For the spring and summer, she crochets using cotton, so they are cool and comfy. Again, they come in sizes 6 months-4 years. Recbecca's designs will make you little girl look even cuter.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lavinia Gardella is Back

You can read about Lavina here and see her this Saturday with all crocheted goodies.

Lauren Brandy Two Shoes Studio

Mini Magnet Paintings and Pins 2010

New Growth oil on canvas 6 x 6
lightly varnished 2010

And Then She Was Gone...
oil on laminate chip lightly varnished 3 x 5 2010

Lauren Brandy's Two Shoes Paintings are true treasures. Using oil paints, Lauren captures the everyday with a clean and light hand. Her brush strokes are apparent and soft not abrasive and heavy. With her work coming in many sizes, she makes it possible for anyone to take home a piece of art. Lauren will be premiering her work for the first time at Indie Davis June 5 11-4. We are so flattered to have her straightforward yet elegant pieces on Saturday. Art along the sidewalk what a great thing to go see.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pure Palette Soybean Candles

Pure Palette Soy Candles $2.50-$15

Next on the list for Indie Davis June 5, 2010;
Pure Palette Soy Candles and Scents by Usa Pratanasup.
These candles are created for us to have a appealing scent and design in our homes . The Pure Palette soybean candles and scents offer natural aromatherapy to create relaxed and happy environment. All scents that Pure Palette offers are created from essential oil and fragrance oil. Usa's soy candles are personally hand poured, scented and packaged by her in her Rancho Cordova studio. She combines her background in business management and home accessory product design, to create a lovely hand crafted ware that is both functional and pleasurable to experience.

Haworth Handmade

Felt Rocks

Candle Stick and Votive Holders- Pendents

We're excited to have Haworth Handmade at our June 5 Indie Davis.
Melissa's strong but delicate wood pendents are detailed with intricate laser cut images of trees and birds. Each one is roughly an 1.5" wide, making them just the right size to show off the tree's original pattern and image. Priced at $24 ea. We also have her smaller plain pendents and rings.$10-$12ea.
New to the store are her embroidered wood pendents with lovely images and candle stick and votive holders made from branches.
Her felt rocks are peaceful to look at and to hold. Like the wood pendents they are each one of a kind. Melissa uses local wool for the felting too. $5 ea or 3 for $12.00 Any of these are a great gift for graduation or a birthday.