Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Haworth Handmade

Felt Rocks

Candle Stick and Votive Holders- Pendents

We're excited to have Haworth Handmade at our June 5 Indie Davis.
Melissa's strong but delicate wood pendents are detailed with intricate laser cut images of trees and birds. Each one is roughly an 1.5" wide, making them just the right size to show off the tree's original pattern and image. Priced at $24 ea. We also have her smaller plain pendents and rings.$10-$12ea.
New to the store are her embroidered wood pendents with lovely images and candle stick and votive holders made from branches.
Her felt rocks are peaceful to look at and to hold. Like the wood pendents they are each one of a kind. Melissa uses local wool for the felting too. $5 ea or 3 for $12.00 Any of these are a great gift for graduation or a birthday.

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