Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lauren Brandy Two Shoes Studio

Mini Magnet Paintings and Pins 2010

New Growth oil on canvas 6 x 6
lightly varnished 2010

And Then She Was Gone...
oil on laminate chip lightly varnished 3 x 5 2010

Lauren Brandy's Two Shoes Paintings are true treasures. Using oil paints, Lauren captures the everyday with a clean and light hand. Her brush strokes are apparent and soft not abrasive and heavy. With her work coming in many sizes, she makes it possible for anyone to take home a piece of art. Lauren will be premiering her work for the first time at Indie Davis June 5 11-4. We are so flattered to have her straightforward yet elegant pieces on Saturday. Art along the sidewalk what a great thing to go see.

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  1. thank you, nina! i am very excited to debut with you!