Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Holiday Indie Davis Here Dec. 10th

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Saturday December 10 10AM-4PM
Orange Court Plaza
129 E Street
Downtown Davis

A HOLIDAY Celebration of Art, DIY and the Indie-Craft Culture
The Indie Davis Craft Fair is an intimate, small scale and free-to-attend marketplace event! Featuring local artists and crafters who will be showcasing and selling their original artwork & handmade goods.

Sponsored by:
Haute Again Mishka's Sophia's Thai Kitchen The Davis Dirt Davis Downtown Business Association Davis Food Co-op

Two Shoes Studio Paintings December 10th

Sunset Oak oil on canvas 2011

Nesting oil on canvas 2011

Float oil on canvas 2011

Lauren Brandy's Two Shoes Paintings are true treasures. Using oil paints, Lauren captures the everyday with a clean and light hand. Her brush strokes are apparent and soft not abrasive and heavy. With her work coming in many sizes, she makes it possible for anyone to take home a piece of art. We are so flattered to have her straightforward yet elegant pieces on Saturday. Art along the sidewalk what a great thing to go see.

Sheriment's Creations

Sheriment's Creations for all ages will be selling her hats, gloves, headbands and more this Saturday December 10th 10-4 . Each piece is different and special. Stop by to find something comfy and cute to wear when it's cold.
Indie Davis is super duper excited to have the UC Davis Runway Designers Club selling their bags this Saturday. These ladies are doing amazing work. The Club makes original vinyl and fabric bags during their ongoing workshops on campus. When you purchase these bags, you are helping them raise money for their two up and coming fashion shows. Each one is different so come on by and pick you favorite one.

Flower Child Will Be Here December 10th

Flower Child makes jewelry, headbands, purses and other wearable items. Many of her pieces are made from recycled goods. She then upcycles them to make new treasures. Her feather earrings are very hot right now. Stop by and see them in person at this Saturday's Holiday Indie Davis 10-4 in front of Orange Court 129 E Street Downtown Davis.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Paintings by Morgan McDonnell

Angel Bear 5"x7" acrylic on board $65

Morgan McDonnell's cheerful and clever paintings will be at this Saturday's at Indie Davis 10-4. They will make you smile.

Alluvial Porcelain Jewelry



Alluvial Porcelain Jewelry is fragile, but hard, solid, but almost translucent and comfortable to wear. They are unique, where each one is different. A perfect gift for the minimalist lady in your life. They will be at this Saturday's Indie Davis from 10-4.

Stacey Vetter Drawings, Cards and Calenders

Stacey Vetter's Drawings is now showing in our upstairs lounge, The Garret. Stacey will be here for the reception this Friday 6-8 for Downtown Davis' 2nd Friday Art About. Stacey's work is delicately fluid.
For Indie Davis she will be selling prints of her drawings through cards and calenders. What a great way to start the new year, but with a Stacey Vetter calendar.

Old Chevi Productions

Schorre Oldham will be sharing her Old Chevi Productions Jewelry at Indie Davis December 10, 2011. All of her pieces are made with, but not limited to, natural and semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and Czech glass. Metals used for the wire and findings are sterling silver, 14-karat gold-filled, and copper. Stop by and see these lovely pieces for yourself.

Bev Beckman Painter

Bev Beckman will be selling her paintings as well as her jewelry, greeting cards, key holders and nicknacks. Her work is lively and whimsical. See all the colors and textures this Saturday December 10th 10-4 at Haute Again's Indie Davis Craft Fair

ABC-Davis Photogaphy



ABC Davis creates Letter Photography pieces from photos of nature and architectural objects that are in the shape of alphabet letters. All of their photos are taken in Davis, from place like the Aboreteum, the Greenbelt, Downtown Davis and elsewhere.
Stop by this Saturday December 10th from 10-4 to see these photographs and other creative ways of expressing the world.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ashlee Chuda Creations:: Cards for All Occasions

Ashlee Chuda Creations are handcrafted greeting cards for the holidays and other special occasions. Most of her cards have bright colored abstract designs, while others include texture, using fabrics and ribbons to create a one of a kind gift. Come by Indie Davis December 10th 10-4 in front of Haute Again Consignment to see all the handmade goodies it offers for this holiday season.

By Nickel Clothing and Hats This Saturday Dec. 10

Be Braided Tank $25

Tie Hat $30

By Nickel loves to sew and dye used fabrics to upcycle them into creative looks that are ultimaltly one of kind items. See each piece for yourself this coming Saturday 10-4 at Indie Davis 129 E St. Downtown Davis.

Sweet Happy Fun

Sweet Happy Fun handmade crafts are created from re-purposed textiles. The ladies will be selling heirloom buntings for all occasions, snookies (grain-filled hot/cold pillows for all ages), hankies and Christmas tree ornaments. You will find something for everyone; friends and family alike. Stop by on Saturday and check out Sweet Happy Fun at Indie Davis at 129 E St. in Downtown Davis.

Roush Glassworks This Saturday December 10th

Roush Glassworks will be selling their stained glass suncatchers ($10-$14) and fused glass necklaces, magnets and pocket coins ($5-$8) this Saturday, December 10th at Indie Davis.